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I founded KLJ Dream Factory on November 2013 in honor of my best friend Lurnard B. Rodgers Jr. I self-taught myself graphic design around 12+ years ago. It all started on Pretty Ricky’s message board that they had for fans. I remember being interested in the designs that were being designed on the board. They would open custom graphic shops, you could tell them what you wanted and they did exactly that.


It intrigued me to the point I needed to have the tools to discover the world they were in.

Shortly after, I discovered I had the program that they were using all along. In the beginning, I would only design HQ pictures of celebrities practicing my techniques not knowing I’m planting seeds for my business in the near future. I remember saying to myself I would never design for people (LOL, NEVER SAY NEVER) I’m happy that God saw fit for my hands to work miracles in this world. It used to be challenging with a rocky foundation. However, I can honestly say this day I have a solid sturdy foundation. We tend to overlook the important points in a painting, the message is always clear the first time around.

When KLJ was birthed, it was birthed from a dark place in my life. I had nothing but a computer, I took the time to pray and ask God about my purpose. Once I finished planning out what I wanted to do for my future, I begin to plan and write down my dreams, goals, and aspirations, It was then I made all of my social media platforms and from November 2013-January 2018 I’ve been an independent online graphic design company, It’s not easy when you’re alone but that time alone time is needed for you to build yourself and foundation.

Once the foundation is sturdy, you build your team. I’m at the point in my company where it’s about to be a teamwork makes the dream work environment instead of one player. Nothing great ever birthed from comfort zones. 2018 is all about going with the flow and making your dreams reality. My favorite quote from my favorite motivational speaker Mr. Eric Thomas (When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.)

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